This morning, this mourning….

Wine of Words
We all mourn for something beyond our grasp. It is needless to say more because that is the nature of life in this world. My fingers silently address the keys as sunlight filters through the trees. The squirrels run across the lawn and life goes on, as does death.

What lies beyond life and death but silence? We can experience bits and bursts of silence throughout our somewhat routine lives. It is up to us to discover how to do this. There are ways to get around the rules of this rotten world but they are hidden in plain sight. That is only common sense.

As Leonard Cohen says in his song, “Steer Your Way.” This can be listened to for free and I advise you to contemplate his words, for they only echo truth. There is no comfort to be found at the mall, although we are conditioned to run there like rats in a maze. The Food Court is meant for rat-like nibbling.
Mourning is inevitable, as is morning. Night must be borne. Death must be accepted. But something rises that is above and beyond the mourning. Do not ask for this; simply see that waiting is all you can do.

I sit here in my robe facing a day of emptiness. The world is still unsettled and the ocean is still full of garbage. Only love knows this. Hate still thinks it has a solution. Steer your way.

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