A Hint of Truth

Pair of Tree Swallows
Sometimes we get a hint of truth in our dreams, the dark truth and not the light. What happens is a seismic shift in our consciousness, one that forces us to run towards the light. You see, we have been hiding from the light since birth. That is because the dark forces on this planet are deeply powerful. They are allowed to be so that we shall come to choose light over darkness. But the darkness tempts us on a bigger and bigger scale, just as it did Jesus. And we are weak.

In our vanity, we strive to outrun both the darkness and the light, thinking that of ourselves we have power. And the only power is love and we are too weak to choose it. Instead we buy into the world’s grab for attention and become students of darkness rather than of the light.

I see this in myself. I see my need for glory and attention, for success and power. If Jesus was tempted along those lines, so are we all. But the game is always only a game and there are no winners. Jesus had the strength to stand up against the darkness but we seldom do. So we sell ourselves to the highest bidders. These can be family members or friends that seduce us in a false belonging that ultimately fails.

The Work is always to be a witness to what is going on both inside and outside of ourselves. The witness is an aspect of the light, never of the darkness. And it can’t be falsified. It belongs to what is real in us.

When we see how we are being betrayed and conned, we no longer believe in the world. We no longer accept our own chains as being what we need or want. And so we see that this is not a personal journey but an archetypal one. The Work is the Christ Consciousness, the Pearl of Great Price. We are looking towards it anytime we simply witness without reacting.

Strength is built one step at a time and our trust will be tested. At some point, perhaps we are lifted up, and not by our own bootstraps. That never worked. Our helplessness and hopelessness become our strength and wisdom in surrendering to a Higher Power. And the light will heal us.

Vicki Woodyard

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