Laughter is a gift….

We all have every human emotion inside of us, and that makes for both tears and laughter. I get “the funny gene” from my father and have passed it down to my son, who has sold material to David Letterman. Humor can’t be explained; it has to be experienced. And dark humor arises in the dark night of the soul. We have all had times when we laughed really hard, only to find ourselves suddenly sobbing.

The balancing act we humans do is intricate and unplanned. The best moments in life are never planned; they are gifts from God. And a belly laugh is a great gift if you ask me.

Yesterday found me on the library steps waiting for it to open. A young woman joined me there and I made bold to open a conversation about spirituality. She ended up crying and asked if we could pray and we did. Starr Daily wrote about entering a church sanctuary and seeing only one homeless man in there. So he asked the homeless man if he would lay his hands on his head and pray for him. And he did. And then Starr Daily did the same thing for him. Never pass up an opportunity to bless someone. It opens a great door of humility and grace.

Likewise, never pass up an opportunity to share laughter with your fellow man or woman. We need each other in our honesty and our brokenness. No one is whole unless they are humble. As some sage said, “Be humble and you shall remain entire.”

So that’s it for this note. I had a beautiful day. Bought some shoes, took myself to lunch, took a walk and made some fabulous Mexican soup. Tonight will find me watching one of my favorite shows, Dateline Mystery. Go figure….


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