A Day to Remember

Today Rob and I went on a tour of the Atlanta Beltline. It was led by George Skaroulis and sponsored by Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Hospital. Eight of us met George on a day with a sky begging the expression, “October’s bright blue weather.” We met at Piedmont Park and walked a couple of miles, taking in some of the more interesting sights along the route.

I will post a few of the photos when I get them. George is doing photos of us there. He is a wonderful guide; I hadn’t met him before. He is also a pianist, photographer and former restaurateur. He and Rob were the only two guys in the group.

I walked along, catching up on news with my friend Lynn Stowe, who is a great photographer in her own right. At lunch, George was telling Lynn about being booked to play piano at an exclusive country club. He wore jeans and a shirt without a tie. He was called aside by a staff member and asked to put on a coat, which was required at the club. Then they called him on not having a tie. I don’t believe he will play there again, by his own choice!

After the tour ended, we were treated to lunch at MetroFresh, a wonderful restaurant that frequently delivers meals to Cancer Wellness programs. I had chicken and a salad with umpteen kinds of fresh vegetables.

Then Rob and I went to The Krog Market, where we had coffee, cookies and ice cream. And we weren’t even hungry. It was just that kind of a day where anything is possible, even indulging oneself to the max.

At lunch I said how wonderful it is to be a part of this cancer community, where the subject almost never comes up. We are too busy being healthy in our attitudes and spirit. I was the oldest in the group today by a long shot, but heck, I kept up like nobody’s business. It has inspired me to walk a bit more than I have been lately.


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