The Soul’s Company

So here’s the deal. School is mandatory; we all know that. Just like we know how miserable high school was. And then we get kicked out into the real world and that is miserable for anyone who is a sensitive. You don’t fit into that round hole, being a square peg. And so you search the bookstores for things you resonate with about awakening. And you probably read Yogananda, some Joel Goldsmith, A Course in Miracles, Muktananda, the Niz and Ramana Maharshi. They all speak about being as the key to enlightenment. And they are right.

But your ego is not fixing to give up without a fight to the death. Half-way routes don’t work. And being lukewarm, you spend decades trying to have it your way. Trying to have your cake and eat it, too.

Finally small cracks of light begin to come into your dense little skull. Golgatha means skull for a reason. The escape from your head must be made, but forcing it keeps you there longer. What to do?

Nothing is the correct answer. And nothing takes as long as it takes. Because something always interferes. You are neck-deep in teachings and your heart is snoring away. It is totally bored with how you are going about things.

But if you are sincere, something will come along that rocks your world, and in a good way. And then good things begin to happen and you didn’t cause them. What is that all about? So you throw the books away and realize it was never about the books. It was about energy. And the energy protects itself in the only way it can. By asking you to lift yourself into a higher level by sinking to your knees in humility.

No one could have taught you this. You had to come to it on your own. And then every teaching you ever read comes alive. And you now feel that progress is being made at last. And it is. Just not by your head. The head teachings are for the pharisees and there are plenty of them to go around. You just smile and say no thank you to most invitations now. You had rather be at home alone with the soul’s company. After all, you went without it for so long….

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. So incredibly true and such a relief to be “home alone with the soul’s company.” The lessons will continue, but now there is an inner sanctuary to return to at a moment’s notice.


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