My Next Book

People have “Go Fund Me” Pages, something I have not done yet, but here is an idea that might work. Let me know what you think. I am working on a new book, which will be finished fairly soon. I am editing it now before turning it over to a professional editor.

I have been open about not getting decent sales or royalties on any of my books and something has to change. Otherwise, I am working too hard for too little.

Some of you know what my writing is about. It is who I am and what I do. But I don’t think I can keep writing for nothing. Not considering I have to pay an editor to insure the book is top quality.

I also do frequent recording now and continue to write notes on the blog and Facebook.

So here is my request:

Donate what you can to the blog. That seems to be how I will get this book out. A suggested donation of $25 works for me, but more or less works, too.

If I don’t get $500, that tells me that I should pack it in and take a wee vacation from it all.

Someone has expressed interest in publishing it, and that may happen, but I have my own expenses to cover.

Maurice Nicoll said “The universe is response to request.” So I have made my request. Now I wait for the response.

You don’t get anything in return; what you are donating for is perhaps your appreciation of my past work. Who knows? I promise I will not quit writing even if I get nothing. I just may not do the next book.

Thanks and love,
Vicki Woodyardfile1171251759259

Comments welcomed....