The Jesus Prayer

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These days the Jesus prayer goes on in me much of the time. The words, “Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy” are now being addressed to the Christ Consciousness within me. As a wise man said, “Every prayer that seemingly goes out into the universe is really answered within one’s own heart.” And so it is. The final homecoming made before the death of the body.

In the Jesus prayer, the mind is addressing the atman, or the Christ, within. Once you see that, everything you have ever done is nullified. It is now seen to be the impostor mind that has taken over your spiritual essence. The royal robes of the teachings are put on you and you are fully human and fully divine.

There is a great cause for celebration when the prodigal mind returns to the heart, the seat of the soul. He or she who was lost has been found. Doctrines and “isms” and charismatic teachers have no hold over you, the revivified one.

Nothing outside of you will now ever return you to the fully darkened mental states you used to inhabit. The light has gained the ascendancy and you rest assured of its power.

And if you do slip, and you will, the prayer will go on, cleansing you every time you remember your true nature.

I can’t stress strongly enough that you are not doing anything of a mental nature; it is done for you by a heightened state of consciousness. This heightened state calls on you to be “meek and lowly of heart,” for paradox is your resting place now.

No longer tempest-tossed by the mind, the heart admonishes you to rest within. And rest you do.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy. And He does. And He is within. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Vicki Woodyard


  1. The prodigal daughter just reached out for help. I contacted a few people seeking assistance. Please hold her in your white light. Peace and Love Only…


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