Don’t Be A Fake

Don’t be a fake. I just skimmed an article about how our society in itself is faked and Facebook is included in that category. Fake friendships deliver nothing but empty promises.

My teacher was ready to strip us of all delusions. There was only one problem. We didn’t want to let them go. They propped us up and perpetuated our misery.

There is no substitute for honesty, folks. And when honesty arrives, it clears the room.

Now what do you do? Having seen through yourself, you see through others. Now you are just as threatening as nuclear war, for no one wants their delusions taken away.

So you sit alone in your honesty but it feels salutary, bracing, even. It’s like a cold wind that blows all of the leaves off of the trees and their silhouettes are strikingly beautiful. And the snow comes and that, too, is beautiful.

And you grow old and alone in your honesty and suddenly the roses begin to bloom in the middle of winter. And they inform your soul that God is good and never wanted your harm. He just wanted you to stand alone in your purity.

And you begin to take little steps into joy and find others are ready to go with you into your new life. And the simple beauty of honesty shines all the time now.

Don’t be a fake. If you are not happy, don’t mimic it. Just know that God is waiting for you to wait on Him, not society. And so it goes. And it gets better and better. Soon you may even learn to fly.

Vicki Woodyard


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