The Truth about my Blog

Dear Blog Readers,

Fewer and fewer of you are visiting my blog these days. That is understandable, what with Facebook connecting you with so many different people. I appreciate that, as I am guilty of the same thing myself. I tend to post my work on Facebook rather than my blog lately.

I am always here, however, and can receive your messages, should you have any.

Back in the day, I got enough donations to keep my site up and running, and this is a website. Today, unless I get donations here and there, I am less and less likely to post here. Sad but true.

Should you be one of the few that prefer reading me in blog form instead of on Facebook, consider making a donation here on this site via PayPal. There is link that makes it easy for you to do so. Rest assured I don’t mind keeping the blog up, but I do need donations.

Love and thanks,


  1. With Don’s, Jamie’s and my many, many, many medical appointments since March…time prohibits me from spending much time on my laptop at all. I read through my Yahoo mail quickly in the morning, then I log into FB so that I don’t miss family (yep, I tend to forget some–medication? old age? lol) and friend’s birthdays, read the prayers that my friends post, read any messages I’ve received, scan quickly through notifications….and I’m off and running….I mean rolling with my walker within a planned 15-20 minute time-frame. If I get a few minutes later in the day….I’ll log back into FB.

    I honestly enjoy your blog, Vicki—you know this without me saying it. I always support it and this time is no exception….clicking the donation button right now 🙂 Love and hugs dear friend. <3


      1. As long as we are able to find people to hold us up, hold our hand through our journey…we are never alone. You are one of these people for me. Thank you. <3


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