Does God Ever Get to the Point?


I’ve been on the path for so long now. It makes me wonder when God is gonna get to the point! Okay, I’m smiling as I type this, because recently it feels like He has.

Takes this past Tuesday when I “decided” to stop in and treat myself to a late lunch after Ta Chi. That led to me “deciding” to engage the server in a friendly conversation. And then the manager “decided” to stop by my table to see if I had enjoyed my food.

Okay. This was all in the conscious flow inside my heart. My heart was directing traffic and it made all the right moves. God got to the point with me. If I am consciously friendly, only good can come of it. And then gratitude flows like a river.

I know that the server and the manager will remember me because I was so in the moment, so child-like in my approach to them. Because I have been made new and people sense it is fun for them to talk to me.

Not to mention the complimentary coffee and dessert! That was God’s way of winking at me.

Don’t ya love it?

Vicki Woodyard

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