Alone to the Alone

I don’t know why I am doing the short videos, but I trust the process. And what is that, you might be asking? It is the same process I use when I am writing. I just let the words happen. I am the space in which they happen.

There is no agenda except to make an impact in as short a time as possible. For words are not the thing. Words are mental symbols and as such can be quite easily discarded. But when they come from a higher level, they carry energy not available from the mind.

The mind is on its way out. It has run its course and done its thing. What course, what thing? Whatever is demanded of it, it delivers. And generally it is filling the demands of the world ego. To become, to evolve, to grow—better than it was before. But the spirit is that in us which is already complete.

The spirit in us knows everything already; no growth is possible or necessary. At a certain point, the base camp of the mind is left behind. And then the true climb up the mountain of God happens.

One travels alone to the Alone and does not go until conditions are right. The mind cannot know when that is, so the mind waits until the spirit forces it to move.

Silence is now happening in spite of mental chatter. The chatter is seen as such and it falls away, vanishes into the mist as the pilgrim plods onward and upward.

Now archetypal dreams and visions may occur as the landscape grows starker and more menacing. No angels appear for the weary climber. Only suppressed fears of a lifetime walk with him.

At some point the pilgrim disappears into the clouds around the mountain top and is seen no more. His journey is complete except for the final encounter with the absolute. It is said that he will return to earth as one who serves the highest possible good. He will go unnoticed or even shunned by everyone. If he gathers a few disciples, they will respect his privacy. And the cycle continues from everlasting to everlasting.

Vicki Woodyard

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