What a puzzlement….

Once you see clearly that everything you see is who you are, everything changes. No, not in the outer world, but within you, the witness.

So I drove to the library today. Parked across from it in the CVS lot. The June heat is oppressive and the A/C inside the library felt good. I got a few novels and then drove to Barnes & Noble for some crossword puzzle books. Then I sat down in the Starbucks section and had some coffee and a peanut butter cookie.

What do those paragraphs have to do with each other? Everything and nothing, for no one can untangle the opposites!

I am now back in the coolness of my own home. I just ate some cashew nuts and considered what to have for a light supper.

There is a dearth of good shows on television. Such a dearth that I will even watch America’s Got Talent tonight.

Writing what I know is getting harder and harder, for words do not jump the arc into the silence. What I know is not available to the mind at all. What I know is who I am. And also who you are. The gist of the mystery is not to be usurped by the head. What a puzzlement….

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Vicki…you describe life. The only thing we know, or can know, is I am. And “everything” is a coloration made out of I am. But we forget, the subject/object polarity grabs us, and suffering resumes!


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