The Fish Dream

All of my work is about water. Or so it would seem. Even my being at the keyboard invokes a fluidity of my fingers. And I am a water sign in the zodiac. So I have had a big dream about a fish. Today I met my friend, Tallulah, a dream expert.

We met in the parking lot where the restaurant was located, both of us wearing water colors, naturally. I had told her about the dream so it was not at all surprising what happened next. She said, “I need to pop in at the gift shop for a minute.” So I tagged along with her.

On the counter was a fishbowl with two pottery fishes in it. I knew I wanted one. Turns out she got a couple as well. “This is a waking dream,” I said, for the fishes had just come into the shop. “This is symbolic of my dream,” I said and she agreed.

Over lunch we discussed the dream and its possible interpretations. As always, nothing literal could be said, although there were allusions to the higher life mixing with the normal waking consciousness.

We shared a chocolate bread pudding and then went back into the shop to pick up our purchases. When I was getting out of the car at home, I’ll be darned if the cellophane package with the 2 fishes didn’t jump out of my hands and land on the concrete. “There is a crack in everything,” came to mind, for the larger fish was cracked in the fall.

So I sat in my bathroom glueing the broken fish back together. Hopefully I will get a bowl for the pair of them soon.

*I wrote a note about the fish dream earlier. In summary, it was about a friend talking with my father about his life. She went home and he went to the drugstore, leaving me alone in the house. She burst back into the house, holding up a colorful fish with coins in its mouth. It had dropped between her house and a wall in front of it. She was awe-struck. Then my father returns and when he sees the fish, he exclaims, “I just wrote a note to the wife of my friend who died. I wrote, ‘Throw him back. Throw him back into the sea!” And with that I woke up, knowing I had had what Jung calls “a big dream.”

Over lunch Tallulah and I discussed it the best we could, throwing out ways to live with such a gift, such a mystery. Of course, in the end, all one can do is stay open and see what happens next.

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