A Higher Source than the Mind

I am in a retrospective mood today. The hot thud of June has been thrown against the kitchen door and I retreated from the blast.

I have felt restless for days now. It is time to reassess where I am and where I am going and what I have accomplished. The answer to that is nowhere, nowhere and nothing, in that order. It has ever been thus.

The mind wants its piece of the pie, so it forages for fun out there in the world of screaming horror. Disappointed, it retreats back into its lair.

The emotions try to comfort the mind, but the mind is not buying it.

Facebook Friends are full of nothing but positive statements, all of them mental and emotional.

This is not the answer either.

The answer with a capital “A” is “Awareness.” You are awareness, not the liver of your own life. There has never been a person who can get what they want. Not ever.

Jesus did not get what he wanted. He got what God wanted.

The same with us.

Deal with it or deny it.

Growth does not come through human happiness but from a higher source.

Let that roll around in your empty brain for a bit.


Vicki Woodyard

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