The Biggest Identity Thief

Ego is the biggest identity thief! Forget all the news stories about other people stealing your identity. You need to realize that your ego has stolen your authenticity. For no one can be authentic while masquerading as themselves.

There are simple ways to know that your identity has been stolen:

You are doing things you don’t want to do. The ego is now in its full power, convincing you to be nice to people or they will turn and rend you. You cower in fear of what others think.

You are feeling things you don’t want to feel. Guilt is taken as a good thing. In fact, all of the negative emotions are now rationalized as being for your own good.

You are saying things you don’t want to say. You are the puppet of your ego, who is making promises that you just can’t deliver. Things like, “Sure, I would love to come to your wedding.” And you are thinking, “This will cost me big-time, but I don’t dare say no. Weddings are sacred rites, festive occasions, and never mind it will put me deeper in debt. Just say yes and make others happy. Forget yourself.”

And so it goes. You have now forgotten your cosmic identity and are forging your true name, which is “I am.” Now you are adding ridiculous adjectives to it. Adjectives like “afraid, insecure, sick, powerless, etc.” Ego has stolen all you hold dear. All that is priceless about you. You have traded your preciousness for trash and no one will care a bit.

Is there a way to stop this identity theft? Ah, now we get to the nut of the essay. You tell me. Are you living a truly satisfying life? If so, you can quit reading now. But if you are caving in to the demands of other people, identity theft is happening. Not only that, it is an inside job. The ego knows everything about you and that is how it is able to steal from you. It is the cat burglar of consciousness.

If you want to stop this thievery, consider installing a witness in your head. It doesn’t cost anything. You may not know this, but God gives one to every man or woman when they get ready to live a different kind of life.

The witness needs no instruction guide to set it up. Just want it and you have it. As long as the witness is at work, nothing real can be stolen from you. And here is the good news. The witness actually restores everything you thought you had lost. Not a bad deal.

You owe nothing to anyone except to yourself. The slate has been wiped clean. No more identity theft. You can stop looking over your shoulder. You can stop second guessing yourself. Here is the final and greatest secret. No criminal has to be arrested. Just remember who you really are. Only do what you are led to do. Never stray from that direct way home. No one will ever steal from you again. Your identity as the witness is complete.

Vicki Woodyard


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