Zero is the Perfect Circle

Zero is the perfect circle. Wow. Omg. Nothingness is where it’s at. Oh, oh, oh. How did it take so long for me to arrive at this? One is nothing compared to zero!

Zero is my hero. My all in all. My comprehensive manual for enlightenment.


Zero sounds like it is nothing, but it is actually nothingness itself. And in that nothingness is everything.

There is no accounting for this. No foundation has to be established. No theorems have to be proved.

Zero is the ground of my being.

What is a perfect circle but nothingness in all of its fullness?

I am circling around this perfect circle like I was outside of it. Not at all.

Zero is the outermost out and the innermost in. It is who I am.

You read it here first.

Zero in on this and there is no more reason to react to anything except with love, which in tennis means nothing.

Nothing further need be zed. Grin.

Vicki Woodyard


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