What enlightened people don’t tell you….

What enlightened people don’t tell you is that there is no stasis in the mind! You may conceive of yourself as being enlightened, but that is just a conception.

Let a death in your family come along, and all bets are off. The heart is pulling you into the dark night of the soul. And it is your birthright to experience it consciously, as much as seeing the light is.

I am speaking from actual experience, having lost half my family at this point in my life. I have been around the block of grief millions of times. And even though I have emerged from most of it, it can strike again at any time.

Too much has been made of enlightenment, way too much. Mainly online, where people trade in it, give seminars on it, etc. and so-forth. You can never tell grief how to be enlightened. It will smack you down until you acquire some true humility.

The only cure I have found for grief is acknowledgement of it. Rest is also helpful. Saying no to the outside world until you are stronger is also good.

There is no cure for enlightenment. Otherwise known as love. Otherwise known as God.

If this confuses you mentally, don’t worry. Your heart is hearing every word. Not only that, it leads you all the way home. Something the mind can never do.

Vicki Woodyard

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