Daily Thoughts on Nothing

Rob making chili
Thoughts I have on any given day or Repetition, Inc.

If I were daring enough to share my thoughts with you, those I had just today, they would sound something like this. (Okay, just like this!)

Early morning

“Ugh, that was a bad dream. I was in jail and being mistreated. I feel so guilty. But what did I do? I’ll get up now.”

“Yum, oatmeal and tea. Facebook, nothing new or different. I want to stop by the grocery and then I’ll go buy some plants at Home Depot.”


“I think I want a pimiento cheese sandwich and a piece of candy and a cup of coffee. We are running low on freon in the AC. Need to schedule a visit as soon as possible.

I think I’ll work a crossword puzzle.”


“Here I am listening to Leonard again. I love him. Age is not a factor. Back on Facebook. Not much going on.”

Late afternoon

“Smells good. Rob is on kitchen duty today; he is making chili. I still need to take a walk. Tomorrow I’ll wash and putter while I wait for the AC guy to come.”

Woven in and out of these daily self-mumblings I repeatedly remember myself, that I am the Self and that everything is okay. Leonard helps. My own witnessing helps. He reinforces the fact that no one has control over anything. We can quit making an effort to steer the ship of eternity. It knows where it is going and we don’t.

My final thought today so far: “I am grateful for this day, for the chili-maker, Rob, and for you, the reader. Pull up a chair. The chili is sure to be delicious.”

Vicki Woodyard

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