Thou art that….

One never expects the mind to become silent, yet mine is surprisingly so. Occasionally my dreams still dredge up the past, making me feel guilty and unworthy. Yet neither day nor night is real. The eternal Self is ever-present.

As I began to experiment with recording, I knew something different was happening. I felt such a calm surety about it. It doesn’t really matter what I say, but that I say it.

I don’t expect anyone but the few, the handful, to listen. And that is just how it should be. You should feel like I am talking to you in your most relaxing space. I never know what the subject will be. Most of it will be repetitive on purpose. That is how the truth sinks in.

Vernon Howard said he only gave one talk; he just changed the words in it every time. Once you catch onto the mystery, you won’t need to listen to anyone anymore. Freedom from the world is hard-won, but it is won.

These days are speeding by so fast. The hamster wheel is turning faster and faster. We must slow down, must turn within to discover the pearl of great price. It is us. We are it. Thou art that.

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