Time to Fly

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I am really enjoying making the videos. I even have a YouTube channel now. Not much there yet, but I will be adding content, so stay tuned.

After my last visit with Don Theo, I am much clearer and might I say, simpler. Whatever he does on an energetic level is exactly what I need. Now there is less self-doubt as I enter more fully into what I am passionate about.

Vernon Howard was my teacher, but others have influenced me. Mine is the typical story of any seeker. The hundreds of books read, the inner knowing (and gnawing) that keeps you stumbling along. Setbacks happen much more often that progress. Nevertheless, as Vernon told his students once, it is getting in. We may not remember, but the essence of the teachings are seeping in.

Not many of us are struck like Saul and turned into Paul. No, it is a lifelong commitment to the intangible.

It may not seem like I am doing much in the videos. It is more about essence, transmission and reception. I keep it short and sweet. And that has only happened after I realized I had wings and it was time to fly.

Vicki Woodyard

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