Sing, You Sinners


Those who survived my Facebook rant, welcome. And I apologize. But the herd has been thinned.

I don’t know why people left, but they had good reason to do so. Never question yourself. Just know that you have no free will and are just doing what must be done. It may feel good, bad or neutral, but it isn’t you. You are used by either the light or the darkness and it changes all of the time. If you were always used by the light, you would not be here on earth.

There are not nearly as many awakened beings as you would like to think or hope there are. There are, however, a multitude of sinners (those which are off the mark, no judgement).

I love the line in the song, “Sing, You Sinners,” that goes:

“Lift up your voices in song
You know you’ve all done wrong.”

The fact is that the ego does nothing but wrong in the name of rightness.

Repentance is simply acknowledging that you are off the mark. You need to take a deep breath and start life all over again.

Humility takes consciousness and consciousness takes energy. Save your energy for inner work. All else is vanity.

I read a Leonard Cohen quote today that said, in so many words, that he stopped thinking about himself all the time. What an advance that is! To instead, look and listen to the world around you.

To broaden your gaze, to get it out of your navel and on what is happening all around you.
Today the house across the creek is getting a new roof. The hammers are joyously pounding. The wind is blowing the tender young leaves and yesterday the hawk left a feather in my front yard. Hallelujah! It can be eternal spring in your heart or eternal winter. It’s up to you.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. In this journey of caregiving, I find myself repenting often, sometimes many times in the same day. I am hoping all the practice is shaping me into a better version of myself, because I’m sure getting enough of it! 🙂


    1. Caregiving is a thankless job and mostly done by women. Men are not wired to be caregivers on the level that women are. I remember in the middle of burnout and saying to Bob, “You would never do for me what I am doing for you!” And although it was true, I should not have said it. Bu hey, self-forgiveness is free for the taking. These days, no longer given over to caregiving, I take care of myself really well. It’s the least I can do 🙂


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