A few days off….

Dear Friends,

I am taking a few days off from Facebook. Undergoing a mini-rebirth about my purpose. Some of you know that I do everything I can to bring the truth through when I am writing or speaking. A lot of people online shy away from that; in fact, most people do. It comes with a price tag. As Rumi says, “The price of kissing is your life.” Meaning your mechanical life. In exchange for your mechanical life, you get new life. Real life.

Those of you who know and love me stand by me and I appreciate each one of you.

I am in silence a good bit of the time as I come into more and more alignment with grace. Grace asks that we submit to its energy instead of mental energy.

I got riled up when I realized that no one on Facebook really gives a tinker’s damn about much. It is all for show. I blame no one; it is designed for the masses. And that’s the bottom line.

Now me, I want something more. And I suspect that you do as well.

So I will see you here later.


Thanks to those who took the time to make a donation to the site.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if something was wrong with your Donate tab. So many love and appreciate you and your work. Time off is always a good thing. Hope to see a video or Note posted here in the near future.


  2. Something was wrong with the donation tab. I tried several times before posting I couldn’t get it to work. Finally, it did work after you, Vicki, sent me a link. Blessings to you as you rest back in silence. It is a rich and vibrant space. You are authentic and courageous. Much love!


  3. Enjoy your break. Breathe in your silence and relax. You know how much I love you and all the positivity, light, joy and love you have brought to my life. I don’t understand those that read what you write or listen to your videos and don’t comment. I guess there are those that do just that. You know why I have been quieter lately (which is why I was late w/my donation 🙂 …. but do my best to catch up on what I can with the limited ‘free time’ I have. God Bless you today and always, dear Vicki.


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