An Update from Vicki


It’s been awhile since I wrote something just for the blog. I have found such joy in making videos that it has kept me occupied in a wonderful way. I saw Don Theo Paredes, the anthropologist/shaman last week. He seemed to think the videos would help many people. He also confirmed a change in me that bodes a change in my outer life as well.

I could write until the cows come home, but they weren’t coming to my blog! Nor were any people. I more or less left it for Facebook because Facebook makes it so easy to get your message out. Not that I have a message per se.

I am trying to inject some new life into the blog, so maybe there will be some changes. You might consider donating even a small amount if you enjoy my writings and videos. For one thing, I don’t make any money on my books, believe it or not. My royalties are in the two-digit column. I used to think that “trying harder’ to market them would work, but then I gave up on that.

What I am wired for is communication with people via writing and talking. But I don’t discuss spirituality; I speak about it spontaneously. My teacher, Vernon Howard, gave a talk once which featured a phrase designed to hit me where I lived. If you ask where that is, he called it “being too accommodating.” So in his talk, the main character says, “I have come to deliver the message, not discuss it!” It means that intellectual back and forth is useless. What counts is one’s being.

The spiritual path is both in the world and out of it. One spends time in life and in observation of it as well. The focus is on both the inner and outer worlds. The goal is to be aware as often as you can. It doesn’t matter what you are witnessing; it is THAT you are witnessing.

I will close this out by saying once again. If you want to see the blog stay alive, consider making a small PayPal donation. I would deeply appreciate it.


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