Shark-infested Waters


The inner oceans are full of shark-infested waters. Vernon Howard talked a lot about this. I knew he spoke the truth. There must be a reason why I was drawn to him. Paradoxically, he pushed people away. Jesus did that, too. He spoke the unvarnished truth and because of that, “many walked with him no more.” Only masters know that what they do often has little relation to their inner state. Because love is their nature, they may act as if they are being unfriendly. This separates the sheep from the goats. Because goats love to pretend they are sheep!

We have both sheep and goats inside of us. Different sides of us come to the surface depending on the situation. We also have inner sharks. Inner sharks run the economic systems of the world. Not the good guys but the bad ones. The Few control the money that they dole out to the masses. Their protection is not from God, either.

Vernon Howard never talked politics; his realm was totally outside of that. But he never drew back from speaking the truth; therefore, he warned us about how to deal with a sleeping world. “Do your business but do not get involved. Don’t kick sleeping tigers. Don’t argue with the boss if you want to keep your job.” I am paraphrasing, but you get my drift. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.”

I never minded his toughness. I was broken already; he had no need to finish the job. I wanted to buckle down and learn what was what. Now, these many years later, I understand how the mind operates, how it robs and steals from the spirit.

I rarely get this tough when I write but make no mistake, I am deeply influenced by the sternness of his message. Tough love gets the job done. I have no need of violet ascension portals opening onto vast golden streets. I just know I have to get home before dark. To that end, I stay as alert as I can and avoid the meaner streets of my mind. That way the angels hover round me.

Now and again I taste the reward of heaven on my tongue. God does not compromise. Only the mind does that. So kiddos, that’s the word of the day from here.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. And very well said! Right on! And write on! Enjoy reading all your blogs, so please keep it up…Most sincerely,
    Your friend – in heart and love –


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