Enlightenment, The Heady Elixir that Everyone Seeks

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There was a bit of a discussion about enlightenment on my Facebook Page today. I do believe the word “enlightenment” is dispensed way too often by people that have no idea of what they are talking about.

Everyone moves up and down in their level of consciousness. At one point we may do something considered to be enlightened, but that does not make us an enlightened person. Anyone who thinks so should read up on the subject a bit.

Idols fall because they have feet of clay. People behind pulpits are more apt to fall than ordinary Joes or Janes. It’s a matter of power. Power is sexy and therefore people want it. They also want their gurus to be perfect so that they can brag about them.

Anytime you brag about a guru, be prepared for trouble. That is why Vernon Howard said shocking things in all the talks he gave. He wanted to let people know if they tried to adore him, they would regret it.

Online gurus are a distinct breed of people. They are worshipped in pixels only. So anyone and everyone claims to have had an enlightenment experience. I don’t believe them and neither should you.

This is not written to be provocative but factual. I have been reading accounts of enlightenment online for years and I take every one of them with a grain of salt.

I have stood by the grave of a seven-year-old who some could have called enlightened. Instead they called her brave and loving. All these many years later I still study the principles of enlightenment, whatever shape or form they take. No human being can embody all of them.

Sorrow is a real thing. The death of a child never fades from a parent’s memory. I did not seek out a teacher; I was led to him. Probably because I was ready to be healed. Not that I was until last year. Then a shaman stood over my body while I cried for my daughter and husband. All he did was witness the tears and wipe them away. I did not realize he had healed me until weeks later

What do these last two paragraphs have to do with the preceding ones? I have no idea except they tumbled forth from my two hands. I believe in love and redemption and healing. But they do not come from man or woman. Enlightenment is a cheap thrill if you ask me. I look at people like Deepak Chopra and laugh. He has to do his thing, of course. But I haven’t seen anything to show me that he has developed any more of a soul than anyone else.

I must stop writing now before I say more things I might regret. Some of you will nod your heads in agreement. Others will not. I don’t care. I am just saying how I feel. If you seek enlightenment you will never find it. Maybe it finds a few people who are too humble to speak of it. That I don’t know

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Vicki, the droll word has no afixation when life is less than light at times. People who float in air aren’t human and what’s wrong with admiring our humanity? Touched my clay soul until that time I leave the surly duality call me human any day! <3


  2. What is more satisfying? Enlightenment or ignorance?
    Alexander Pope wrote –
    “How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot
    The world forgotten by the world forgot
    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    each pray’r accepted and each wish resigned”


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