Shine on….

There is nothing to hold onto. Once you see this, you will change. You won’t become a pessimist but a seer and seeing becomes more and more natural for you.

Seeing is above the opposites of cloud and sunshine. It is where eternity meets time and you now know that you are the timeless one.

Life on earth is heartache upon heartache, headache upon headache, especially if you are a sensitive. Once you decide to wake up, you begin your long climb up the mountain where God supposedly lives. And, I might add, all of the cartoon gurus….

The intellect must be shattered beyond recognition, like a pinata broken open and emptied of all its treats. This is called awakening.

For me, time grows shorter upon the earth plane but the eternal sun leads me onward and upward. At the same time, I must watch myself drown in a sea of grace, no chance at all for survival as a separate self.

Poetry and song become more and more important to the soul on its homeward journey. Whatever moves one to softness, swaying and peace.

It is time for me to reconsider everything I thought I knew and dive into the ocean of the all. Separation is impossible and yet self-definition is essential. By that, I mean that we must stand our ground against the intellectual definitions of success in the world.

Jesus could be harsh. As the Bible says, “Many walked with Him no more.” The soul takes a stand when necessary and draws a curtain of privacy when it is appropriate.

Rebirth only happens when the ego falls to pieces; it can’t be otherwise. Then everything is seen to be fated and the flowering is upon you. When the petals fall to the ground, they are not clung to. When the rain falls, it is not resisted. And eventually the sun comes out again and another day begins.

Vicki Woodyard


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