And I said to the Oneness….

And I said to the Oneness,
I don’t feel at one with
much of anything right this minute.
And the Oneness wrapped me in it.

And I said to the Infinite,
I don’t feel so infinite right now
and the Infinite said to me playfully,
“Oh, go on.”

And I said to myself,
I don’t feel like myself right now.
And then I knew I was really onto
something because this was a new

And I said to the Mystery,
I think I know what you are all about.
And the Mystery winked me right
back into existence.

And I said to Forgiveness,
I am not sure I am worthy of
forgiveness and Forgiveness
stroked my hair and wiped
away my tears.

And I said to myself.
I may not know myself
but at least I know that
I don’t know anything at all.
And then God Himself
took me onto His lap
and said that everything
would be okay.

Vicki Woodyard


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