A “Being Break”

Every moment is an out-picturing of consciousness. Everyone an Etch-a-Sketch drawing of himself or herself. Feel free to shake it up a bit.

Here is who I became in the future, due to the past. I became the same. The Name never changes; only the game.

Drop what you are doing and take a Being Break.

Enter your own personal space and stay there!

Compare yourself to others and they always win. The game is rigged.

I bow down to nothing but love and so I seldom bow down.

Love is not everything, contrary to popular opinion. Love, like every other spiritual quality, can be faked. I know; I have done it. And so have you. It’s called people-pleasing. And it is an infuriating habit and one that is stronger than steel.

I hope to rile you up. And that is done in the name of the Name.

Don’t try and argue with me; you will lose every argument you enter on someone else’s terms.

Lose and you win.

I must stop now and take my wooden goose in for orthopedic surgery. The bill is high.

Vicki Woodyard

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