The Stone of Thought

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I have little to do in this world. After my husband died, a seer told me I was now in a karma-free zone and could do what I liked until I ended this incarnation. You would think that would be great, wouldn’t you?

But nothing is simple or great; it’s all a mixed bag. This morning is dreary due to a stationary front; that is how emotions feel to us. When life is dark, it feels like it will always be that way. But sooner or later, the sun comes out again and we dare to hope. And hope is what gets us into trouble.

Hope sounds like a nice word, but it is quite greedy and expectant. It is far better to accept one’s lot and be grateful for the blessings currently being experienced. One of mine is that I can write what I want when I want.

I used to hope that my life would change for the better. Oh, heck, sometimes I still do. Okay, on a daily basis. But destiny plays out our hand and all we have free will over is our attitude. And it should be an attitude of gratitude.

I have written thousands of notes but each one feels unique as it unfolds on my screen. That is because life is a mystery instead of a planned program of advancement. When was the last time you thanked God for the script he wrote for you eons ago? When was the first time you realized that being you was what you had always wanted to be?

Now that I am grateful for being myself, life is a lot simpler. I know what I like. Solitude, something warm to drink and a day with nothing to do but be. The hard times may come again, but the stone of my hard head is getting easier and easier to roll away.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. “Solitude, something warm to drink and a day with nothing to do but be.” Yes, I like this too, but sometimes it does not happen this way – there is always an unexpected around the corner. 🙂 I think you are doing wonderfully, Vicki dear. x


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