My Favorite Statement

My favorite statement is “Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.” You don’t have to receive instruction in how to do this. The words themselves direct you within effortlessly. Once within, you cannot go without.

The kingdom of heaven is within, full of energy, packed with power and principle. All yours, pressed down and running over, as the Bible says. You can have all you need of what has always belonged to you as a child of God.

There is no outer world. People have spoken of this. Joel Goldsmith did the best job of it. I continue to refresh myself with his writings.

He uses the word “fruitage.” And everything we strive for on our own is sour fruit. The only sweetness is found in giving it all to God.

When you worry about anyone, you are bringing yourself down and thus bringing them down. The fruitage of worry is more worry. The fruitage of surrender is sweet. You can apply this question to your thought processes and catch yourself going off the beam.

If I worry about doing the right thing, that is the wrong thing and the fruitage is more worry and self-doubt. So what do I do? I see the truth of what I just wrote and seeing is freeing.

We can only gather energy when we are conscious, by the way. Unconscious people go around draining themselves and everyone else dry.

I could go on and on, but those with ears to hear are already nodding in agreement.

Vicki Woodyard

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