Becoming Whole Again

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There is a way to become whole again. When we bring the world inside of us, we heal ourselves of thinking that there is something we must do about the world “out there.” That is a trick the mind is playing on us. It causes us to worry endlessly about things over which we have no control. The expression “give it a rest,” refers to the mind’s habit of the constant gnawing of the bone of worry.

My favorite teaching of Vernon Howard’s is to work hard gathering energy. We all know how to to do this and just to say the sentence is to do it. It is quite a concealed little miracle we carry in our back pocket. But we forget it is there. It is in our power to take our energy back. And the mind is the thief.

All this has been said before and better and by more conscious people. That is no excuse for me not to pay attention to how I am being drained by my own mind and its need to externalize everything.

It is a rainy Saturday morning and I am typing away, typing away. Has anything changed but my attitude? No. Does that change anything out there? For me, the answer is yes. How about you?

Vicki Woodyard


  1. The facial expressions archived in buddhist art can be viewed as pre-literate teachings. I like to copy the joyous, imperturbable Akshobya Buddha’s expression (that I’ve named ‘Grandma’s Kind Regard’) shown and described below. What the heck, just a way to invite the world in, along with Akshobya’s seed syllable! “HOONG!” that transforms the “OM” into an outpouring of compassion.


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