In the Mourning

In the mourning I will see you,
only light could ever free you.
Dance with me among the love
shattered into stars above.

In the loving I will mourn you,
jeweled lotus will adorn you.
Christ and Buddha come to see
that life and death are what will be.

In forever I will hold you.
Never more can this world scold you.
In the circle that is turning
you and I are ever burning.

In the mourning, in release,
love is there without surcease.
Let it wound me, let it rise.
Attar in the scented skies.

In the morning,
only love.
God below and God above.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Simply beautiful…..made me cry. I don’t know the theme of your book…..but I would select this poem to be in it if it fit its theme. I made comments on other works of yours to go in your new book…..I just haven’t had the time to review my comments to see which ones they were–must have been ones like this one that tugged at my heart. Love & hugs, dear Vicki.


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