A Warning

At some point things begin to click. You find yourself wearing ruby slippers and realize you are home. Well, maybe you need to dust and water the plants, but yep, here is where you are and always have been.

Everything the mind told you is immaterial; the heart is your genie in the bottle. I suspect you knew this all along, didn’t you? But the nightly news had such a stronghold on your castle that you feared letting the airwaves carry it right on past you. The anchor is always persuasive, though, and your mind would have you doubt your own choices.

The greater anchor is within. That magnetic attraction you have for knowing what is best for you. It may not make the headlines because it is not on fire or in a flood. Yet it is your daily manna.

There are too many voices telling you what is good for you. And only you know. Here is a hint. Don’t tell them you have quit listening. They need to believe they are the last word. There is only one word you need, the one your heart is beating out relentlessly.

You can also ignore the weather reports and quit losing so many umbrellas. With you on the right track. the weather miraculously cooperates. As within, so without.

One last thing. The ruby slippers only come in one size. Yours. Never let anyone else wear them.

Vicki Woodyard

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