Saying What I Know

I might as well say what I know. Sometimes the universe cries. Throws itself on the ground screaming because of our human stupidity and greed. Even though it is a loving teacher, it is also a disciplinarian and sage.

This was one of those days when the universe weeps. Whenever someone loses a child, this happens to the universe personally. Although he speaks from lofty heights, he knows better than to try and comfort a bereaved parent. Some things are tear-worthy.

I know this because I have lived it. Because I have endured unto the end and become a survivor. Now the universe wants me to be joyful again. Maybe that is why it keeps bothering me.

Yes, it is a bother to try and wake up from the long sleep of humanhood. But the death of a child will probably cause you to at least try.

I found a true teacher after my little girl died. I boxed up the dollar bills she got tucked into get-well cards and mailed them to his foundation. I think the total was $36. And it was probably the most important monetary gift I ever gave. I remember putting into a Christmas ornament box and then wrapping it in brown paper and going to the post office to mail it.

Perhaps her death was like that. Maybe we just sent her to heaven Priority Mail and she arrived in mint condition. One would like to think that.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. “But the death of a child will probably cause you to at least try.” Such truth in this statement. Whether we find our way is a question left unanswered. Time stops dead in its tracks and never really goes back to so-called normal.


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