Day Two of the Woo Woo

Yesterday was Day Two of the Woo Woo for me. Day One was when I met Melanie at Marshalls. You can see our picture on my Facebook Page. When I told her I was on the path, she said she called it “The Woo.” I have always called it the Woo Woo, but there it is. It is the living truth rather than the textbook account of it. The textbook account is always, always second-hand.

The day I met Melanie, I saw a cut glass oyster shell with a pearl in it. I had hoped there would be two so I could give one to each of the two women that clean my house periodically. But there was only one and maybe it was tacky. But for some reason it was calling my name.

On Sunday, yesterday, I had an urge to return to Marshalls. And as usual, I had some returns. So I got in the car and a song was playing on the radio. I didn’t know that the title was “If I Die Young, but I heard these words, “So put on your best, boys, and I’ll wear my pearls.”

I looked down at the top I was wearing. It had pearls on it. And I was on the way to see if I could buy the oyster with the pearl. And I felt the woo woo. When I got to the back of the store where they were, I now found two. I bought them both and can’t wait to give them for Christmas. And if a third one turns up, I will buy myself one.

The song for me was not about dying young. You can Google the lyrics. But it was about dying to resistance to what unfolds around me naturally. All the grit of my life has turned into a pearl. I just can’t argue with that.

Part of my journey has been seeing the shaman. This second visit with him must have been about letting go. I feel hopeful; I feel like things are just going to be falling into place more effortlessly for me. That doesn’t mean there won’t be hard work. It just feels like the balance has finally shifted due to grace.

Vicki Woo Woo Woodyard


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