Day Three of The Woo Woo

Today was Day Three of The Woo Woo. I had a morning appointment to meet my new physician. She is Indian and we connected right away. I am going to get some physical therapy for my neck and I don’t have to see her again for six months.

“I hope I’m in as good a shape as you are when I’m your age,” she said.

“I took care of my husband and when he died, I just turned around and focussed on taking care of myself,” I said. And that is the truth. What else can you do?

Someone you love has died. The best way to honor their memory is to return home to the Self. It may not be romantic, but you are all you’ve got. The universe is out to heal you if you just give it a chance.

The first thing the universe wanted me to do was rest and I am an expert on the subject, lemme tell ya.

The second thing it wanted me to do was write. And I have written my brains out and am now journeying into the heart. (It’s much nicer in there.)

The third thing it is now wanting me to do is to be grateful.

So thank you for reading my words. Some of them are, as Steve Martin says, “pure drivel.” At other times, the spirit comes winging through.

I guess I had to scoop the darkness out of my hard little heart one teaspoon full at a time. But I didn’t give up. The universe never runs out of little plastic spoons. That is how we learn faith and patience.

I had finished this essay and then it became Day Three of The Woo Woo. I walked out into the yard, looked down into the moss and saw this looking up at me. I kid you not.

Vicki Woodyard


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