A Message from the Universe

I wrote this before going to what I call “the bazaar.” It is really T. J. Maxx and Marshalls standing side by side. I love to be there when they open on Sundays at eleven. It gets crowded right away.

I had posted this before I left:

“Pay close attention to the outer world because it is a perfect mirror.”

And off I went.

I went to Marshalls first. I lingered over something that caught my eye. It was a crystal oyster shell with a pearl in it. Hmmm. Interesting. But I couldn’t decide, so I put it back in the box. There was a seahorse on the box. Another hmmm. Because I bought a mother-of-pearl sea horse when I went to Amsterdam to see Leonard Cohen in 2013. Since then I feel the sea horse is quite special.

I bought a couple of tops and as I was standing in line, I noticed a blonde woman behind me. She was talking to someone about all of her “finds.” I noticed right away that we were wearing the same aquatic blue colors. I pointed it out to her, as she had just used the word “synchronicity.” We were birds of a feather, no doubt. We talked easily about spirituality and what she called “The Woo.”

“I wish I had my camera,” I told her. “”I’d love to have a picture of us together.”

“I’ve got mine,” she said. “Wait until I pay for my stuff and then I’ll take one.” I said I would go to the restroom and off I went. I saw that a nearby table had an artificial flower on it and thought we could stand by it.

When I returned, her husband and daughter were waiting for her. She said, “My husband can take the picture.” I told her I didn’t usually take a good picture and she said, “Wipe that thought out of your mind!” Then she smiled and said her husband was a great photographer. And I forgot to say that on the back of her blouse was a hand-painted seahorse!

I told her about my book, Bigger Than The Sky, and said I was told it would sell by word of mouth. She asked if I had a business card and I said I didn’t. She handed me hers. I didn’t read it—just stuck it in my purse. When I got home, I fished it out and read it. (Scroll down to the bottom of the essay to see the card.)

“Thank You!

It’s not WHAT we do in life that matters. It’s the attitude we do it with that makes the difference. Know that how you interacted with me today was a GIFT to me. It was my privilege to have had this experience with you. Know that YOU have the ability to make a difference in someone’s day and even in someone’s life by how you treat them. The location and situation are unimportant. It’s the connection that changes everything.

Thank you for being an awesome expression of humanity today!”

I was floored, stymied, grateful and joyful all rolled into one. It seems the message from the universe for me today was “Signed, Sealed and Delivered.” Don’t you love it when things unfold in such a seamless way?

Vicki Woodyard

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