God Only Knows

You can’t lose yourself. You can forget yourself, but lose yourself? Never. When I say “yourself,” I mean the God within. It goes by several aliases and you can take your pick, The Self, The Man Upstairs, She. It makes no difference what you call it.

You can get angry and afraid, but you can’t lose yourself. You are the one that can’t die. The one that will never have a toe tag or die in battle. The one that can never stay on the cross of matter. Why do you think Jesus let himself be hung from two pieces of wood? Or let himself be pierced in the side? Because he knew he would become The Christed One. The cosmic joke is that is who we are as well.

But here we are, riddled with the bullets of bad behavior, from both ourselves and others, but we just can’t die. Sometimes people hover above their bodies when they are hanging onto life by a thread. We hear those stories and are fascinated. It affirms the reality of eternal life. We need stories to help us go on.

Wayne Dyer left his body but he cannot die. Neither can you. We mourn our losses because we forget ourselves. Humans are made to forget themselves. It’s all the greatest story ever told. Some of us disbelieve it, but the mind will ultimately betray us. So will the body. Who knows that? One of these days you will realize that you just can’t shake yourself. No matter how lost you get, you are always right where you are supposed to be. That is how you created it. How? God only knows.

Vicki Woodyard

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