The Enlightenment Games


I am not sure where that old expression “lays an egg” comes from. I have always taken it to mean that something or other failed, was a dud, etc.

Online nonduality laid an egg with me sometime ago and it wasn’t golden. I realized, as the old story goes, that it wasn’t alive online and especially dead on nonduality forums. And they were proliferous. A bully, a troll and a newbie walked into a nonduality forum. That isn’t a joke.

So first off, I realized that people weren’t interested in anything but awakening from the dream so they could brag about it. There were official lists of people who were “realized.” We all know about the guru rating service. Swami Z thought it was a guru dating service! He knew better than to hang out with people who were seeking enlightenment.

These days we have Facebook and you can choose to NOT “discuss it among yourselves.” I am for that option wholeheartedly. The mind games people looking for enlightenment play are startlingly boring. A “This is where I came in” type of boredom.

Seekers also want the person waking them up to be in the spotlight. If you can drop the name of a famous guru, it makes you feel smarter than the next seeker. And the Enlightenment Games go on. And on and on and on.

Is this a rant yet? Because I want it to be.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. I am going to a meeting such as what you have need to rant about next weekend but I think there is a need for such a thing from time to time. Well I haven’t done that for quite a while I guess I need a fix and maybe I am wrong if so I need to see for myself.


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