When Questions Fall Away

When the questions fall away, so do the answers. Transcendence happens above the opposites of question and answer, empty and full, rich and poor, etc.

Although I have been on the path of awakening for many years, questions still dog me. They catch my scent and follow me along the trail. I imagine you understand just what I mean. “What is my calling?” is one that nags at me from time to time.

What if the question falls away? Then the answer may or may not come; it just seems to be more of an unfolding than a question that can be answered.

Why did my child die? Why did my husband die? Why do I keep writing?

These are not questions that can be answered on the highest level. They may say my child died of cancer and that my husband did as well. More than that they cannot say. And who are “they?”

The shift into acceptance of something higher than the opposites may be imperceptible but it is unmistakable.

Things demanding answers are nowhere to be seen. There is just this moment to be lived.

I don’t know who is living it, whether it is Him or me. I tend to get them confused.

Vicki Woodyard

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  1. Brought back the cookies of Swami G”And who are they? ” The Unanswered Question” by Roy Mcdonald of London, Ontario, a friend, Pocketman..a daily journalist may indeed have thanswer(s?)…too… Dr RM Bucke..1901from London too…re Cosmic Conscious… And Transcendence… Thank-you Love-you dear Vicki


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