How to Drown in Light

How do you drown yourself in light? That is a noble question and one that is much like a koan. It cannot be answered by the mind.

Light is who we are, so we can rephrase it. How can my ego die in the depths of true nature?

Who is it that has to die?

And if it is the ego, the ego has no free will. So it cannot be done by the ego.

At this point the thought arises, much like the song, “What’s love got to do with it?’

Are light and love one and the same?

I feel they are but it is beyond the ego’s wording of it. The ego is so full of darkness.

How can I drown myself so that a new life arises to the surface and blesses both me and the universe?

Because I am the universe.

Maybe now you get a hint of the answer.

Don’t tell yourself that you know it, though. That would ruin the whole experience.

Vicki Woodyard


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