Spirit Dog

I had a strong dream last night. It was beginning to snow and our old dog Wendy returned. In reality, she died of old age over 30 years ago but I still dream of her. She was a mix of a white German Shepherd and a collie and could talk to us, not in barks but by guttural speech which approximated ours but was nonsense. This was a most unusual trait.

In the dream I allowed her into the house but only briefly. I went to the fridge and fed her some meat and quickly closed the door before she could put her nose in for more. She was rapturously glad to see me and we sat nose to nose for a long time. At last I had to put her out in the garage for the night. More snow was on the way. I had a little house dog that played with her for a bit, too. At the end of the dream, as I was playing with Wendy, part of her tail came off. The little dog snapped it up as I watched in horror. Now it was stuck in her throat and I couldn’t get it out. It was then that I woke up in horror.

Twice in the dream I made the statement that this was a spirit dog because Wendy had died a long time ago. In the dream, she was smitten with love for me and I felt quite guilty for having to put her out in the garage when she wanted to be with me so desperately.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Somehow I love dreams like this. Something is being healed even though one might not be quite sure what, exactly, it is.


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