Two Random Thoughts


“The wounds of sorrow seep through the bandages of sleep.
Thought washes us downstream from the present moment.”~ Vicki Woodyard

I had rather be a sinner sound asleep who knows he or she is than one of those self-anointed awakened people taking over YouTube to proclaim their perfection and their wisdom. Seeking perfection is the disease of our age and it simply is not attainable. Neither is knowledge ever complete. But you wouldn’t know it from the groundswell of people on Facebook falling all over themselves in the race to awakening.

I could catalog my own personal sins for you, but we probably have them in common. Ignorance is, of course, always a problem. And wanting to join the herd when it is advantageous to do so is irresistible. Witness the great debaters Tweeting their platforms to one and all. No one has a sense of proportion or humor when they decide to run for office.

I am just ranting because I know myself all too well. I know that trying to be spiritual is like trying to be black when you are white or white when you are black. We are human beings while in these mortal bodies. Heir to the flesh and all that entails.

I have loved deeply and truly and often wake up in the morning washed with guilt and shame that I haven’t become any better than I am. It takes me awhile to get the day started. And then I remember that we are not called to be perfect but to confess our sins and come to love. I am not sure anyone can do that without the love of God leading them every step of the way. And I don’t think God is asleep in me. I think I am asleep in Him.

I read and study and sit in silence and for all the good it has done me, I could just as well have spent my time watching birds fly across the sky. My friend Peter gave up his books when a series of strokes woke him up to the uselessness of human advice on being spiritual. How I miss him. But these days his book is available to those lucky enough to discover it. Those of you who have know exactly what I mean. And if you haven’t read it, seek it out. Peter is not to be missed.

Vicki Woodyard


    1. He never used his last name and I didn’t find out until after his death. Out of respect, I will keep it private. His heart needed no name; that is for sure.


      1. Oh yes,and then David speaking with him as spirit after his body was discarded, the depth is felt though your words from that which is “bigger than the sky” there is a welcome feeling, a feeling of being home.


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