For the Few

This note is for the few. You know who you are. So do I. The ones that donate to keep my site alive. The ones that buy my books. Oh, lots of people read my notes on Facebook, but few visit my blog and leave comments. I appreciate that.

I wrote something yesterday about not being popular. All of us want to be and few are. And believe me, they pay the price. Vernon Howard said something interesting: “You will always get your spiritual gold.” That reminds me of what Christ said, “Not as the world gives, give I unto you.” The true way has never been for the masses.

It is so easy to popularize the truth. Or to organize it into a churchy kind of Pollyanna-ism. I hate when that happens.

I try to keep it real in the midst of the unreal life we call “rewarding.” I am trying to reconcile George Clooney’s new life in the media with his true interest in saving the world. Well, Amal and her outfits ain’t gonna do it. If you want to argue with that, don’t do it with me.

Vernon Howard wore used clothing for the most part. He put cardboard in his shoes rather than buy new ones. He lived in a small house and never entertained. His was a life of severity. Why? Because the soft touch won’t do. Never has. Never will.

God hung his son on the cross. He wasn’t wearing designer duds. That is why we know He was keepin’ it real.

Few want it or need it enough to appreciate the losses it will entail. I do. Thank you.


  1. You said a lot by saying very little, that happens by speaking truth. Now I am tempted to elaborate on what I just said, no I think not, I said enough.


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