The Teacher in Me

I got to get some things off my chest. A lot of you like my writing and I am good at it. For one thing, I’ve been writing online for fifteen years. I have been a student of truth far longer than that. I had a fierce teacher, Vernon Howard. He died in 1996. His secretary told me that first truth was taught, then love. “Now that Vernon is gone, the new teaching will be about love.” Not many people in his school heard that, but she spoke the truth.

What I have to get off of my chest is that I carry Vernon’s energy. It insures me that people will not bother me. It is a shoot-straight-from-the-hip energy that most people fear being around. I have told you about the man who came to see me and never returned. That is the effect I have on people. But I don’t show it unless I am invited, so to speak.

True love demands honesty and one’s aura is the true image of a man or woman. And I know mine is quite strong. Then why do I write so often about the dark side of life? Because that is the only way that people change. Believe me, I can write all day long about the beauty of unity and nothing will change in you or me either one.

So I feel a call to get back in line with what Vernon taught and carried. He knew that when he died that the teaching would change. He was a forerunner, a person crying in the wilderness. He had the Christ Consciousness.

Now the wilderness looks different but it is even worse than it was in 1996. Those of us doing our inner work know more and more deeply that people do not change until they are forced to do so. That is just how it works.

The deaths of my child and spouse have forced me to change. I am not the same person I used to be. I am far kinder. I used to be one of those women that was a house devil and a street angel, or however the saying goes. Now I am one with myself in a much kinder way. Kindness takes great strength of character. It requires monitoring your cruelty on a daily basis. Then the Christ Consciousness has mercy on you and does the changing for you. You of your own self can do nothing.

So here is the last thing I have to say. Advaita is not for me. It may be right for some, but not for me. Don’t ask me what is right for me. I can only live it, not talk about it.

Love lifts me off the ground of the everyday. It has no jargon, no language, no organization. Why? Because love is beyond description. Always has been, always will be.

I am grateful to those of you who bought and read Bigger Than The Sky. It will never sell but a few copies and I have to come to terms with that. But it will lift the top off your head in a way that many other spiritual books never can. I’m just sayin’…..

Vicki Woodyard


  1. I have a very similar effect on people. And I have to keep asking myself, can I be satisfied working invisibly? Because that’s the only way I’ll ever be satisfied. Only the few that see me will see me. Most don’t. You ever had your Human Design chart done? I’m curious to see in what areas it’s similar to mine. Take care. XO


  2. THe bliss burger crowd of the 70s has become the bi, tri love crowd of the 2000s that think love is the answer. It might help to define who ask’s the question.


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