It’s Always Today

It’s always today. Never mind yesterday or tomorrow. It is always today. And so I thought of how my friend and I talked after Tai Chi class. How it was today and we were seniors and yet somehow our insecurities were alive and well. Who doesn’t deserve to be here today, no matter the age or circumstance? It is always today.

Today my little girl died. Not yesterday. You can only live or die today. And that is why our hearts are so confused by what minds tell us. Mind says, “Get on with your life. That happened years ago. So long ago.”

And the heart says “It is always today.”

Today my beloved husband died. And my mind says it has been almost eleven years. And the heart holds its ground. “No, he died today. Just ask him.” And so I do. And today he tells me that it is always today. Always now that we are alive.

And so I have breaking news to all of the pundits on TV and on blogs and other important places that the mind goes. To the heart, it is always today that someone you love died. That makes perfect sense to it.

My friend and I were talking about our insecurities today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Our insecurities and heartbreaks happen today. There is no moving on. That is a mental conception and the pure in heart are those who live in the timeless moment.

I write this to you today, not tomorrow or yesterday. You may be in love or in grief but it is still today. Now is the time for me to tell you this.

Vicki Woodyard

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