Wake up and smell the destiny….

Hi, folks, it’s me, Vicki. Well, sorta, -ish. Sometimes I am nobody in particular and that’s when I am the happiest. But I have to play out my role as Vicki in all her fickleness, fear and trembling. That is my destiny. I have been dealt a certain genetic hand and also have my karmic tendencies. So do you. And frankly, most of them are not in our favor.

The things in my favor are qualities I have cultivated through long, hard inner work. I learned this from Vernon Howard. You always get your spiritual gold. It may not seem like much when you overcome a certain dread, but you will get paid by the Man Upstairs. Oh, I know, some of you don’t believe in Him. If you don’t, just call Him karma. The law of karma is absolute. Until you come under the law of grace, that is.

Grace is the highest state. It often happens when your props have been knocked out from under you. My personal favorite is when the woman served us our Christmas Eve dinner after Bob was buried. Grace had its hands all over that meal. And there are others, just as you have your family stories of miraculous events. They happen when only God could save the day.

Our destiny is who and what we are. It is not the superficial layers that we carry as burdens when we go out into the world. I am realizing more and more that simplicity is a wonderful destiny to live out. Today I went to the grocery and asked if they had any chicken sandwiches. ‘No,” the woman said, “We only put them out during a certain time window, the lunch hour. But I can make one up for you.” So I said, “Make two!”

So when I got home, I made myself a cup of instant coffee and chowed down on the freshly-made chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese. The bun was fresh and I was happy as could be. Simply wonderful. Now I have the rest of the day to myself. Unless destiny decrees otherwise.

Vicki Woodyard


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