The Sun Inside

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If the sun is inside me, how does it get outside? If I am inside my house, how do I get outside? I open the door and voila! There is the sun outside. When I am outside, I am not inside.

This makes no sense, does it? And yet we spend all day mucking around in nonsense trying to make sense of it. There is a power called knowing that doesn’t involve proof, logic or anything manmade.

It is called freedom from the known. Krishnamurti spoke of this.

We tell toddlers that dogs go “Bow wow.” They grow up and that knowledge does them no good.

By the same token, when an online spiritual teacher tells you that he can enlighten you, he is telling you that dogs go bow wow.

They will tell you about books written on the subject of enlightenment. They will tell you they are enlightened themselves.

How do you know they are lying?

Because you have the sun inside of you, that’s why.

Vicki Woodyard


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