Even the sun….

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Stop what you’re doing….

You might as well stop what you’re doing because it isn’t working. You may be able to apply a product to your lawn that will get rid of crab grass, but I mean those efforts you make to try to get rid of yourself.

Oh, I know, you’re a good spiritual student and you want to make progress on the upward path. Then why is it that you get up in the morning with such a heavy heart? Because you know that you are not on a winning team.

Everyone else is, but not you. Even the Kardashians are ahead of the game and look how shallow they are. And you are certainly a cut above people like that.

Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to rationalize your poor performance.

Something in you is delighted to read this because you know it is the truth and the truth brings sweet relief. In this case, seeing you are a failure means you might as well abandon all your plans to get ahead.

There is no “ahead.” All there is is your poor mind running in circles trying to fix yourself and your family. Your family hates you for it and well, self-hatred is a given, too.

I am telling you all this because I am your Higher Self writing this to you. I have compassion on you when you show yourself no mercy.

I know life is predetermined and it will end in your death. Just read the Bible for that huge clue.

But there is one more thing I have to tell you. The stone gets rolled away, but not by you. Ascension happens but on its own schedule.

In the meantime, I love you throughout all eternity. Take a deep sigh and agree with your enemies. Hating them never helped. And the enemies are inside. It’s all inside.

Even the sun.

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