Oh, c’mon….

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So here’s the deal. We don’t have free will, but we want it. In other words, we have desires! We want free will but can’t have it. Sometimes it appears that we do, and we get our hopes up (again), but the fact remains that we don’t.

People who make money telling other people how to live love to preach about how to program your life for success. Let us now pause for a har-de-har-har. The scam is that they tell you how. And when you fail, they advise you to try harder because they are not at fault for taking your money. It’s your fault you didn’t benefit from their sage advice.

Oh, c’mon. Don’t go all Pollyanna on me. The toothy handsome/gorgeous people selling us enlightenment by the butt-load are sure to have the answers. And the rest of us are stuck with questions. We just don’t ask the right ones.

Some of them invite you up to sit by them on their podium while they clip a mic on you so you can reverently pose your questions to them (and get yourself on YouTube.)

Let me put it this way, gorgeous human being trying to tell me how enlightened you are, I have realized something if not everything. And it is simply this. You don’t know any more than anybody else. You just talk a good game.

If you don’t like this note, I have no forum in which I will offer to allow you question me as I sit graciously by and let you breathe in my enlightened aroma. As my late friend Jeff Belyea used to say, “My farts don’t smell like Patchouli.” Neither do anyone else’s.

Vicki Woodyard


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